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AGM becomes dAGM

your general meeting in the digital age
The Mission

Go online with your general meeting 

Postponed until further notice:  

Large events are currently prohibited  including annual general meetings (AGMs) of public limited companies. However, shareholders have a right to information from the company in which they invest. The way out of this dilemma is to simply hold your AGM digitally 

AGM becomes dAGM: “d” as in digital 

An amendment to the law makes this possible. Annual general meetings of stock corporations no longer have to take place physically; they may also be held entirely online 

Benefit now from the new possibilities of interaction with your shareholders. Save on effort and therefore moneyDemonstrate a sense of sustainability and future viability. Be on your way into the digital age with your dAGM now. 

How does that work? We’ll show you. 

Opportunities and possibilities of a digital AGM

Turn the crisis into your opportunity 

In addition to many negative developments, the coronavirus crisis also presents opportunities, especially in terms of digitalization.  

A year ago, nobody would have thought it possible that even ordinary general meetings of DAX companies could be held online 

Be a pioneer and use the advantages of a digital AGM now: 


  • Voting becomes easier  


Election of the Supervisory Board; amendments to the Articles of Association; capital increases and restructuring measures; determination of the dividend amount: these and other important decisions are made by the Annual General Meeting. Voting can now be automated thanks to new technical possibilities of the dAGM. This saves enormous effort and reduces the susceptibility to errors when counting votes. 


  • The effort is reduced 


If the participants do not have to be on site in person, this saves money – on catering as well as on travel and accommodations of the guests. A smaller location is then sufficient for a digital AGM. And not to forget: the logistics behind it all! At an AGM that takes place purely online, this too is much smaller  a plus point for sustainability. 


  • The participation of members is increasing  


Whether from home, on the road or the office: shareholders can exercise their voting rights from anywhere. In addition, information is more easily accessible and completely visible on an online platform – ideally supplemented by interaction options. All this increases the participation of members. 


Always by your side 

Holding an Annual General Meeting online instead of physically means more than just changing location. Therefore, more is required than the mere transmission of data.  

You need a concept that is digital from the start. You need a user-friendly platform that allows your stream to run smoothly, no matter what device you use. And you need numbers, data and facts that are clearly presented using infographics, films and presentations. 

Maybe you also need a speech, a press release, a survey, a contentmanagement system or an integration into existing digital structures. 

We will gladly help you with all of these tasks. 

Our team is interdisciplinary and combines IT with content and consulting skills. We will advise you from the idea and planning to the setup and implementation of your digital general meeting. 


Our services at a glance: 

Event conception & on-site service 

  • Project management 
  • Facilities 
  • Construction 
  • Concept and content 
  • Catering 
  • Image mixing and direction 
  • Camera team 

Online platform & member services 

  • Customized platform, based on the Drupal framework 
  • Technical setup of the platform and preparation of the stream 
  • Member login: password protection and encryption 
  • Document center with important information and forms 
  • Voting tool for online voting in advance 
  • Form for appointing a proxy 
  • Q&A tool for submitting questions to the board 
  • Polling tool to have questions submitted in advance evaluated by the members 

Livestream & interaction 

  • Livestream via an embedded player 
  • Multi-angle option 
  • Multilingual live transcripts  
  • Screenshot function  
  • Display of e.g. statistics or the agenda 
  • Live polling, live Q&A and live voting features for voting and member engagement 
  • Implementation of a data visualization module for the presentation of voting results 

Post-event content 

  • Content creation, data preparation and provisioning 
  • Video on demand stream 
  • Data visualization of the voting results 
  • Download center for documents and media 
  • Statistics and additional content 
  • Polling feature for member survey 

Use Case

Through the lenses of the participants 

Let’s go through the digital Annual General Meeting together. This is how the shareholder experiences it: 

Step 1: prior to the dAGM

Each participant will receive anonymous access data in order to participate in the dAGM and the voting. This allows them to log in from anywhere on the platform and: 


  • exercise their voting rights 
  • nominate a proxy 
  • consult the agenda and other documents 
  • Submit questions to the board Vote on questions from other members 
Step 2: during the dAGM

The user will receive a reminder just before dAGM starts and a link leads them to the platform. There, the public entrance speech of the board of directors runs live via the multi-angle player. Those who log in can vote and use further functions:  


  • During the board’s introductory speech, the user can ask questions which can be answered at the end of the speech. 
  • In the course of dAGM, they may vote on all agenda items. 
  • Once the respective tuning process is completed, the results are immediately displayed in the multi-angle player as well as in the separate data visualization module of the platform. 
Step 3: after the dAGM

As soon as the data is fully prepared, every member will receive a notification that the stream is available as an on-demand video along with other content. They can log in again and: 


  • View the results of the vote, resolutions and other information 
  • Download documents and media 
  • rate the dAGM by means of (live) polling feature and give feedback to the organizing company 

Key Benefits

Plan your digital general meeting now and benefit from technological and organizational advantages:

High security
  • Reduced susceptibility to errors in the counting of votes
  • Fewer opportunities for fraud
  • Data security thanks to modern encryption technology
Little effort
  • Automated dispatch of access data and documents
  • Possible savings on postage costs
  • Digitalization and control of the votes and questions before and during the AGM
  • Extensive monitoring of all stages and areas of the event
Higher engagement
  • Worldwide participation in the AGM possible
  • Simple and convenient voting
  • Extensive interaction possibilities: voting, Q&A and polls – in advance or live in real time
Improved user experience
  • Intuitively operated platform
  • Responsive design for optimal display on all end devices
  • Convenient access from anywhere and anytime
Future-proof platform
  • Technologically up to date
  • Modular and scalable structure
  • Sustainable from a technical point of view, because it is reusable
Let’s talk

Curious? We understand. 

Want to know more about digital general meetings? Just give us a call or send us a text message. Want to organize a dAGM yourself? 

Contact us and together we will determine what you need. 

Make your non-binding appointment today to learn more about our services. Completely uncomplicated  in person, by phone, e-mail or video chat. We will orient ourselves towards you. 

We are OSK.

Bundled competence in live communication and digitalization. 

Oliver Schrott Kommunikation is one of the pioneers of live communication and Germany’s leading agency for PR events. Over the past 27 years, OSK has designed and successfully implemented more than 600 event projects in over 40 countries on five continents.  

Since 2014, the digital experts at OSK Berlin have been enriching the agencys portfolio as a wholly owned subsidiary. OSK Berlin has already realized projects that to many, still sound like fantasy. The digital experts either find a solution for their clients – or they simply invent it. That’s true pioneering spirit. 

Together we are the experts for digital live communication. More than 230 employees from the disciplines of content, design, architecture and communication within a space – as well as event and live communication – work closely together across several locations to get the best out of projects. We and our customers benefit from this interdisciplinary transfer of know-how. 

The best example: our proprietary development OSK Stager is a milestone in digital live communication. This solution forms the core of the “Mercedes me media” platform. On the streaming platform, journalists, bloggers and other multipliers can experience press conferences and product presentations from our customer Mercedes-Benz as consistently digitalized live experiences. 

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